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Bespoke, unpicked

The term “bespoke” is thrown about too often nowadays, and inaccurately. To us, it means handmade, from scratch, to your unique specifications. Bespoke is therefore the acme of the tailoring craft, and the ultimate expression of Thom Sweeney

At the initial consultation, we’ll take your measurements in order to create your individual “pattern”: a paper template of the garment’s parts. Because bespoke is from scratch, the scope for customisation, from construction to fabric - is almost limitless.

Tailored approach

Your garment will then be made on site, by hand, at our Weighhouse Street store in London’s Mayfair. Over further fittings, we’ll adjust it to your posture, the curve of your back, even how you move. The resulting fit simply can’t be replicated by machines.

The term “investment” is also bandied about liberally, but a bespoke garment is truly that - and pays for itself over the long term. A great deal of work, and time, goes into the finished article, which you’ll value more. It’s the antithesis of throwaway “fast fashion”.

If you’re unsure whether bespoke or made-to-measure best suits your needs, then we suggest that you make an appointment for a consultation by completing the form below.

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